We're a kinky couple in our 40s. Hubby loves watching his sexy Hotwife play with other guys and she loves being the center of attention and seeing her affect on other men. In case you wondering, neither of the cocks in our avatar belong to hubby.  There's something very erotic about seeing her hand stroking another guy's cock while wearing the wedding band I gave her!  We invite your feedback and questions, so don't be shy! All pics with our post name are of us. This blog is definitely NSFW.

Major turn on!


Major turn on!

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Thanks for rebloging my picture, where are y'all from, and do y'all like to swap with couples
watchinghotwife watchinghotwife Said:

We currently live in Asia. We have a true Hotwife relationship, where only she plays with others.


Submission #134

Tall, red, and dead sexy.

Sexy Hotwife!

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Me too

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True! Love!

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Adriana Chechik - MC

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Damn, this is one sexy woman!

Hotwife getting ready to head out with cleavage on full display